What Happens to Your Body During a Panic Attack?

The Physiological Reponse of Your Body During a Panic Attack?

What is a Panic Attack?

If you suffer with social anxiety, you may have experienced what is known as a “panic attack” in social or performance situations.

Although panic attacks are generally thought of in relation to panic disorder, panic can also be a problem for those with social anxiety disorder (SAD). The difference is that panic is triggered by a specific type of social or performance situation.

Example of a Panic Attack

For example, imagine that you are required to give a speech.

For days and weeks ahead of the event, you might experience anticipatory anxiety about the performance. Although that anxiety is uncomfortable, it usually is not the same as the dread and terror that are experienced during a panic attack.

In the moments leading up to your speech, and during the time that you are in front of the audience, you may feel as though you start to lose control. Your heart races, your hands shake, your mouth goes dry and you feel nauseous.

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