Why You Need To Eat 1 Cup Of Yogurt Every Single Day

These days, it feel like yogurt is the hottest new trend in food.

From smoothies to kefir to Greek yogurt, it can be dizzying to keep track of all the new varieties and flavors!

But did you know that yogurt is actually an ancient food, and that the benefits of yogurt have been well-documented over the years?

That’s right, yogurt is the original superfood, with the credentials to prove it!

People tend to enjoy their yogurt as a creative addition to smoothies, desserts, and even innovative pasta dishes.

However, back in the day, yogurt got its start as a staple part of the Mediterranean diet, and was a popular element of cuisine across virtually the entire Asian continent long before it ever arrived at a high-end grocery store.

All those people had an excellent reason for eating so much yogurt. This delicious dairy product is worthy of the hype; not only is it tasty, it’s absolutely teeming with healthy vitamins and minerals that improve your well-being!


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