Smoking and Back Pain

While the exact reasons for this are not entirely clear, it appears to have some connection with chemical interference with the body’s natural hormonal activity for pain detection.

Essentially, the hormones and chemicals that help the body deal with pain are inhibited by smoking.Other questions about smoking include whether smoking has an effect on intervertebral discs or on neck pain. At this time there is no conclusive evidence of smoking causing either of these conditions.

We may find that there is a link with further research. However, even if it is found that smoking does not cause disc problems or neck pain, the fact remains that smokers will tend to have more feelings of pain if there is an injury caused by something else.

The body is a remarkably resilient system. It can adapt and heal. However, it is also susceptible to harmful influences.

It is up to each of us to take care of our own bodies and limit those harmful things by the choices we make.

Smoking cessation, exercise and an improved diet are all personal decisions and habits that can be improved. Your body will thank you.