Just Breathe — How Oxygen Therapy Could Reduce Your Anxiety And Help You Heal

By the time my body bag was deflated and I accepted the fate of having to reenter reality, I knew I wanted to do it again and again. My skin was visibly glowing and my attitude lifted, a feeling I carried with me for a couple days after my two one-hour treatments. I had wanted to try it to see if it had any affect on the symptoms of my autoimmune disorder, Crohn’s Disease. While I was enjoying my time in the tube I took the opportunity of all the extra time on my hands with nowhere to go to read into how what I was doing was affecting me. There are a handful of studies showing the success of hyperbaric oxygen to treat it, yet it is still not an FDA-approved use of the treatment. For now, patients like me will have to seek out this therapy and study it on their own.


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